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December 31, 2012
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Sunday afternoon.

You and your family, who consist of your mother Tara, She was from Ireland,Which you loved to go and visit over the summer, to see your relatives.Your father Jacob, He was from New york, lived there all his live. Your older brother who was 16 and loved to play soccer, He was sometimes a douchebag to you but you loved him none the less. Then theirs you, A 10 year old girl who loved to play basketball,listing to music and drawing.You where moving away from New york to a town called south park,Your family wanted to get away from the big city to a small town for a change.You looked out the window to that you arrived in south park.You really didn't want to leave all your friends.You slumped in to your seat and sighed.

''Mum, why did we have to move?'' You asked while looking out the window.

''Well, we wanted to get away from the crowded city and the tax on the house was getting to high, so we had to move.'' Your mother replied and turned towards you.

''But what about all my friends and couldn't we just move to another part of New york.''You said and looked at your mother.

''South park is cheaper,(Name).Look where at the house.''Your father said.

You looked out of the window to see a large enough red house.The moving truck was parked outside it.The car parked in the drive way, When it stopped, you sighed and got out of the car. You where hit by a sudden gust of cold air. You shivered and wrapped your arms around yourself.

''Jesus it's too cold here....''Your brother said as he got out of the car.

''Couldn't you guys pick somewhere warmer.''You said through chattering teeth.

''Its not that bad, Look in very pretty around here and quite.''You Father replies.

You growled in frustration with the cold and walked inside. It was a big enough sitting room and the kitchen was big to. You went upstairs to see your room.

''(Name)!Your room is the first on on the left.''Your mother shouted up to you.

You make your way to your room and open the door.It was a medium sized room with most of the furniture in it all ready. You stayed in your room for most of the day, to make it more likeable.(Design the room what ever you want,Cause im to lazy to disign one myself. :P ) It was getting late so you where getting ready for bed, You where nervous  for school tomorrow.You got into bed and when to sleep.


Your mothers voice was waking you up from you dream.He sat up and stretched your arms.You got of bed and got dressed,You had breakfast. Your dad dropped you and your brother to school. When you got to school you went into the office.

''Hello, Im new, Im (Full name)''You said politely.

''Oh, yes,(Name).Im Mr.Mackey,M'kay. Im your guidance counselor.M'kay'' The tall skinny man said.

''Ok, Mr.Macky.''You replied with a smile.

''Now your in Mr. Garrison's class.Follow me, M'kay'' He said.

You and Mr.Mackey walked to the 4th Grade room. Mr.Mackey knocked on the door.There was butterflys in your stomach. When another man you assumed in was Mr. Garrison opened the door.

''Yes,Mr.Mackey?'' He asked.

''You have a new student,(Full name)''Mr.Mackey said.

''Oh yes,Principal Victoria told me.''Mr. Garrison Said.

Mr. Garrison Gestured for you to come in.You slowly walk in and say a room full of kids staring at you. A sudden burst of fear spread on you.

''Who's the Skinny bitch?'' A large boy in red said.

You where about to comment back when..

''Shut up fat ass!!!''A boy wearing a green hat and you could see he had red hair, He barked at the other guy.You thought he was kind of cute.

''Dont tell me what to do, You Ginger Jew!!!'' The large boy shouted.

''Boys! Will you two shut up!!!''Mr.Garrison said.

''Ok, So tell the class your name and a bit about yourself.''Mr.Garrison said.

''Em...I.Im (Name).I come From york. I like to play basketball,Draw and listen to music...''You said shyly. When you mentioned you liked basketball the boy with the green hat smiled.

''Ok, Name. You can sit beside Kyle.''Mr.Garrison said as he pointed beside the guy with the green hat.You make your over to the desk beside his.

''Hi, Im kyle, Its nice to meet you.''He smiled and put his hand out.You smiled and started to shake his hand.

''Its nice to meet you too, Kyle'' You said happily.

I think i might like it here after all....
Hi! If been watching a lot of south park lately, I have to say it is the most awesomest show ever! Kyle my babe! Love him! I was looking for a south park x reader on deviant art,But there was none. So thats why im here!! I love reader inserts and south park so why not both?

I also though i would start 2013 with a reader insert!

Sorry if any of the characters are OOC :p I tried. Let me now if i should continue of leave it. I think i could add more but im not sure.
Thanks for Reading this, It'll be much appreciated if you gave me feedback.

South park Belong to Matt Stone and Trey Parker
You belong to You
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-i love basket ball,music,and drawing
-my moms name is Tara
-on my first day I tend to act a bit shy
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